No smartphone, ‘no life’


So it actually is possible, to survive without smartphone technology!

This week I spent an entire seven days without my beloved Samsung Galaxy S5.  It was great to do some reading, catch up on some ‘procrastinated’ study, hit the gym and the running track without the headphones or tracking device and well… simply just ‘relax’.

Being without my phone for that week made me realise how todays society is very reliant on internet, connectivity, social media and the convenience that smartphones bring.

So there I was, no distractions, no emails, no notifications, no pointless selfie or food images to look at, no breaking news, no stalkers, and no, not even a text message – am I not missed, what about an invite for dinner Friday night…

Being without a smartphone has simply showed me the way I communicate – and perhaps the way that you communicate too – through a data or wifi connection on applications such as Viber, Facebook, Snapchat or iMessage and the many more that are out there.

We are so reliable on our data and internet connection, but this too brings potential privacy risks that we are all so much aware of, but does that stop us?

“Pop” – a new notification.

As I log back online – struggling to recall the usernames and passwords, I cringe – as notifications, event invites, and shameless selfies and comments begin rolling in  And there, my lost invitation for dinner – sent using snapchat – if only text messages were more frequently used.

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