Pasteurised vs Raw

It’s breakfast time, the coffee machine is purring in the corner, the strong smell of crushed beans wafts through the kitchen then up the hall way.  A pot of porridge s bubbling furiously on the stove-top.

A regular routine, coffee and porridge, but there is the debate between pasteurised and raw milk.

Which is better for you?

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According to Food Smart most raw milk products raw milk products “are unlikely to present any food safety concerns for most healthy New Zealanders.”

However  vulnerable groups including children, pregnant woman and people with low immune systems are at risk from bacterial infections which may be present in raw milk.

Pasteurised milk however has been treated to lower the risk of diseases and germs and also stops milk from souring.  But according to Real Milk this can also take 20 percent of iodine out of raw milk.

While there has always been arguments for and against Raw or pasteurised milk, the consumption on processed milk is greater because it is more commonly sold and produced by companies such as Fonterra and made  accessible in supermarkets and dairy’s.

Raw milk is harder for consumers to get there hands on.   Some raw milk products can be sold in New Zealand but Ministry of Primary Industries has a framework to ensure all consumable milk products are safe.

Consumer preference is however variable, those who preferred raw milk were usually from farms and had been “raised on it”.  But for most Kiwis, processed milk was more accessible and “tasted better”.

But the bigger question, what do you prefer?

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