Preserve our land, rubbish matter

2014-10-12 13.16.09

Glowing; Lake Tekapo on a summers day, Mount Cook stands tall on the far left.

New Zealand, is home, Aotearoa is our beautiful country with open green pastures, and lush clean landscape and paddocks and rolling hills that turn into snow-capped mountains and dry tussock-lands eventually falling to the wave slapping ocean.  With crisp blue lakes and flowing rivers that fit in between  New Zealand could be considered, and largely still is seen as an untouched, untarnished country to visit and live.

The featured gallery shows us how picturesque New Zealand is and this is what needs preserved for future generations.

From these images,  New Zealand’s South Island looks impressive, but over the last few years it has been questioned if Tourism New Zealand’s “100 per cent Pure New Zealand” message is a s genuine and clean and green as it suggests.

It only takes a closer look at our road edges to see the takeaway wrappers, plastic, glass, rubber, food-scraps and other junk and rubbish that lines our roads before we really wonder if New Zealand is still as untainted as the branding campaigns suggest.

Now it is even possible to see litter and rubbish seeping into our waterways and scattered across some of our parks, bush land and other recreational areas where people continue to ignore  the DO NOT LITTER signs.

Is it really that hard to wait to dispose your rubbish correctly?  Or are we all becoming too lazy, or put simply do we just not care about protecting and preserving New Zealand’s beauty.

Perhaps though, we can all admit that we have littered in the past – or may still do it.

Your zipping down the road,  100km’s per hour, it’s a hot day, the windows are down, the wind buffets your face and the music is loud.  You reach your arm arm out the window and hurl the wrapper of your icecream or that empty glass bottle out the window.

Vaamoooze, it’s gone, two minutes down the road, your litter is out of sight and out of mind.

Although out of sight and out of mind, it is still there.  According to  Science Learning it can take about one million years for that glass bottle to break down!  And your orange peels and other fruit peelings can take at least six months to break down too.

New Zealand is a beautiful place, STOP, and wait for a rubbish bin or recycle it.  Littering is not okay.  Preserve, protect and respect our land and our country to keep New Zealands clean green image.

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