Who said no more bar-hopping in Christchurch?

It was Friday evening about 10pm and my friend and I were looking for a light meal to fill our petite appetite.  Curly fries and burgers were served promptly from the late menu at Orleans at the newly-opened Strange’s Lane.

Before my friend or I and even knew the name of this particular restaurant he remarked on the “New Orleans vibe” – the bits and pieces of décor that lined the walls and shelves.  Orleans have certainly succeeded reflecting their name through their finer styling touches.

The atmosphere was brilliant; loud, up-beat, toe-tapping music set the background tones as we were directed up the steps that wrapped behind the bar to a bar table where we enjoyed our meal which was served moments later alongside a glass of wine.

We downed our delightfully tasteful meals quickly. Thankfully- the water was close-by as the curly fries had a burning spice which was slightly overwhelming.

Before long we to move onward to see what else Strange’s Lane had to offer.

The crisp Friday-night air was chilling as we stepped outside and searched for our next stop; the Lower 9th Diner appealed.

The selection of delicious cocktails on the wall was vast.  The excellent, fast-talking knowledge of barman, Charles Gillet, helped us settle on a Hurricane – my knowledge of alcohol was and still is very limited.  – A note to other bars and clubs; a drinks menu would be great for those of us who have limited alcohol knowledge.

You could see Gillet’s passion as he danced in time to the music and jumped from corner to corner.  A little bit of this a little bit of that, into the blender and finally one swift pour and we watched the neon-red liquid glide into a movie-style plastic cup.

Outside the tone of the lane was just perfect – boisterous chatter.  I found myself an overhead heater and grabbed a perch.

My Hurricane was delicious.  The rich, sweet fruit juices were cooling on the tongue.  But perhaps the sugar-sweet taste was too much of a good thing.  It was a push to down the last of it before moving on to Strange and Co.

The line to the bar was long; this was the place to be.  We enjoyed the split level atmosphere – upstairs for couples, downstairs a kicking atmosphere.  And it didn’t take long for my partner-in-crime and I to burst onto the dance floor and have our own mini-rave.  The music was deafening, but that was expected.

Strange’s Lane is a place of its own, there are options and a selection of bars to satisfy everyone’s needs.  Or even the option of bar-hopping – minus the walking that Christchurch nightlife often has associated with it.

Strange’s Lane has that good-feeling-vibe that makes you want to rush back for more.


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