Wine at the end of the night

It was around 3am, the last call for the night was supposed to be The Last Word on New

wineRegent Street, a shady candle-lit whiskey and cocktail lounge I had been to once before.  A warming whiskey would have been a perfect ending to the evening my friend and I had just had.

To our dismay, The Last Word was closed.

But a small crowd dancing to urban hip-hop music outside Shop Eight on New Regent Street had us intrigued as we approached.

Although we initially felt like we were invading a private party we soon slipped in and felt as if we were on par with this ‘private morning gathering’.

The DJ was mixing on his Ipad in the small kitchenette.  Shop Eight offered a warming cosy atmosphere, dance worthy music, and a selection of wine.

An hour passed by, maybe more, maybe less, Shop Eight was the highlight of my evening – or morning to be purely accurate.

The hospitality of the barman was fantastic.  He served drinks, he danced and even came out under the veranda to interact and show us his moves.

The wooden steps led upstairs, but were barricaded for some reason.

Shop Eight is elegant, classy and stylish, but simple and chic.  It gave off a modern feeling with a recycled-looking feel, the wooden floors, and wooden tables are shiny and smooth. Shop Eight definitely caters to a niche market of wine lovers and those who are crowd-shy.

A pair of vintage glasses were being passed around and I, like those before me chose to pose for the classic selfie.

Shop Eight is a place like no other that I have been before, socialising, dancing and indulging with strangers from near and far.

After my speciality dessert wine and several bottles of water I decided it was time to depart this warm, welcoming venue.

Shop Eight is an intimate experience, whether it’s a glass of wine or a meal you opt for the warm welcoming ambiance will make you feel right at home.

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